What about Ripple?? Why Coinbase will NOT be adding XRP! [Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Altcoin News]

Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency is listed on Binance.

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Breaking News: Coinbase has released a press release stating that they are planning to add Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar Lumen, and 0x. BUT WHAT ABOUT RIPPLE’S XRP??

I’ve pulled a couple articles. Let’s check it out.

Press release:

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**Not financial advice. Just opinion. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!.

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    Everybody switching to xlm I can't believe that people still believe in these Bank so many Partnerships and nothing ever happens and now xrp $0.30 lol

  • Donas Dropas

    How about TRAVALA? They are launching alpha verion on 18th of july. Travel/book hotels up to 40% cheaper with Travala tokens 👌✌ only 0.13$ per token is a steal!
    Project built on NEO blockchain looks promissing

  • Doug Grant

    Austin, Enjoyed the video even though I'm disappointed by the results. Really want to see XRP gain adoption. I'm with Coin Savage. Do you have a way I could get in touch with you directly. My email is Doug@coinsavage.com. Look forward to talking. -Doug

  • Chris

    Guys, yall might want to watch bearableguy 123decoders videos again, we don't know what is going on behind scenes and this include coin base and ripple collaborating. With Brad Garlinghouse calling out coin base, its sort of seems more as they're building the hype up before they throw xrp on coinbase, its crazy psychology at play right now, but just my thoughts on it.

  • 2ndTim32

    Are not some of those coins CB going to list were ICO's? Coins that were ICO's are going to be classed as securities soon so will affect many of the popular ones you see today. Double standard from CB.

  • Douglas Rosales

    tif they add stellar they need to add xrp stellar is a fork of xrp its like the crypto twins call coinbase is forkbase

  • laxthor09

    GREAT… GREAT video. You broke it down so well thank you. The one thing I would add is that 0x is owned by CoinBase and is a working product where ADA is more long term and isn't right now.

  • m s

    Stop asking people can get xrp in a hundred different ways .coinbase is becoming irrelivent and will one day beg on its kneesfor xrp to be listed.

  • Paul Oliver

    Your video was based on fake news with no reliable source fincen has already declared it not a security, think you need to watch CKJ and get up to date with your research

  • Stuart H

    XRP is listed on Kraken and Bittrex. The SEC excuse is nonsense. XLM is in the same security posture that XRP is…the reason XRP is not on Coinbase is that Coinbase knows XRP would go past ETH and eventually BTC if on that platform. The Gemini and Coinbase owners are long on BTC…the Stellar Foundation holds 80 percent of XLM.

    So why do Bittrex and Kraken list XRP? A more pertinent question is why are exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini listing a privacy coin when they have to comply with KYC laws? Privacy coins work to mask the ID of coin users and will bring down all sorts of scrutiny from the SEC. Then again, there are 30 plus lawsuits against Coinbase at this time (look them up on Google). Everything from money laundering to insider trading.

  • Nader Zayid

    🤣 I find it hilarious that BK called it BCash on national TV 🤣, I'm sure Rodger Ver dropped a few F-Bombs in his living room when he heard that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yeh No

    Rip to $XRP … coinbase recently announced going to add 5 coin….$ADA and $XLM is in their list and CoinBase is not going to add $XRP…. and people are crying… lol what a shame…xrp is worthless. Buy $ADA and $XLM…

  • Mikess Dowan

    They would add XRP when the CEO of ripple let go of his 60% stake of XRP , They just dont want the price to jump to $10 and the CEO of ripple will be the richest man on earth that easy , too much power in one man hands

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