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Here is an honest and unpaid review of the ICO/project Banca; a project trying to become a decentralized investment bank community based on AI and Big Data. Check them out – http://banca.world/
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  • Haf 1

    Price has dropped to $0.0004. Great opportunity to load up your bags now. 2k dollar would give you 5million tokens. Just sleep for a year and wake up as a millionair. Same story with Babb.

  • Александр Алексеенко

    Immediately noticed this project and began to actively participate in it. In my opinion, it has a great prospect and great potential. I love such projects. I would also recommend that you pay attention to the equally classy project of Tokengo where there will be an entire ecosystem under the ICO.

  • Vinh Kim

    Great news!! #Banca team has secured a deal with a big volume exchange for listing $Banca token in a few weeks time. We are not allowed yet to disclose the name of the exchange due to the NDA. Stay tuned!

  • alex brown

    i bet on the mania that's going to come in the near future in bitcoin. i see banca hiting $3 per token, just like the 1999 dot com bubble. 30 billion market cap is nothing in a multi trillion dollar ecosystem.

  • Colt Fortyfive

    The people above are right, review is kind of bland… BUT.. think this is possibly one of the best lottery type coins out there based on marketcap, if this puppy hits 20 cents (very possible at price and circulation) then you will be retiring early. The idea is solid and if the team can source the right data and build the right algorithms then this could be a crypto Merrill Lynch. Good ICO to consider investing in.

  • zazzleman

    why do people waste other peoples' time with these rubbish reviews. You just read the white paper and the website, I can train a monkey to do that. What is the ICO about? What is the use case? Give practical examples. Give feedback on the investigation you did into the background of the team.

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