The Key (TKY) Crypto Analysis and Price Prediction 2018 (THEKEKEKEKEY on NEO)

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This video is an analysis of THEKEY (TKY), a cryptoasset of personal identification in the Neo block string. We also include our 2018 TKY price forecast.

I love the miniature by the way… lol.

We’re Jeffrey and Ed, The Bitcoin Coaches. We stick to these predictions. Jeff identifies himself as a Maximalist from Altcoin and was happy to take the lead in this video. As we mentioned at the beginning of the video, this is not financial advice, but our opinions. That said, we will be referring to our specific predictions in future videos and will always try to learn.

As mentioned later in the video, this was shot on 2/7/2018 around 8:45pm EST.

The goal of Bitcoin Coaches’ trainers is to provide videos based on education and higher quality and relevant content, with the best of our capabilities, in the cryptocurrency space. Our website and social media is… a work in progress… to say the least. At the very least… really. You could be like our third follower. We have been around crypto currency for a while, but we are starting this journey as The Bitcoin Coaches.

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We would like to sincerely thank Alexa for helping to film and produce this video. Also, a thank you to Andrea for helping out too.

Kucoin. com
Thekey. vip
THEKEY’s Whitepaper is quoted in many of these bullets as a means to accurately relay the business message in my analysis.
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  • CDM

    Do you film this at your house in a suit or are you actually in an office building in a major city? lol If your wearing a suit in your own house im lmao.

  • Jerem

    Well, congratulations, you seems to be a brand new channel with a great content ! Much better than other with few thousands, sometimes near to 100k that just read in live Cointelegraph and bring no value and no analyse… You are differnent and add something interesting that we can't read on main crypto websites.

    Just forget about your bankster clothes and try to become more natural in front of your camera and it'll be perfect and also less consuming in time to create new videos. You do not need to make many footage of the same video and learn your speach to deliver good content. Keep going!

  • Toshi Okada

    Make a vid on Cardano (ADA)! Would love to hear your opinion & analysis on it since too many people are using for day trading and not long term

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