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  • todshi

    What Corey Lewandowski can't seem to understand (or don't want to admit) that it was Trump himself who placed the op-ed in the position that he/she is in. After all, the president himself had publicly stated that he only "hires the best people", who end up leaving, getting indicted, going to jail, talking to the Washington Post about how disastrous Trump is (while still praising his so called 'accomplishments')…

  • Dewey Hudson

    Liberals and Democrats are losing. Put a $1,000,000 reward out for proof of this person`s identity. Hire a writer and do a book.

  • Commander Useless

    Whew. Why is it that whenever any Republican is on these news shows, all they do is repeat their version of the Jedi code?

    There is no corruption, it's the Democrats.
    There is no racism, there are higher employment numbers.
    There are no lies, the economy is better.
    There is no collusion, there is the Trump administration.

    Over and over and over and over and *over*…

  • Michelle Gauthier

    No one, even Trump supporters, should be surprised what this op-ed mentions. You can clearly see that Trump is mentally unstable and immature and has becoming a danger to the US. If you don't see this, you may want to rethink your own mental state.

  • D OnDeck

    Trump has to be doing the right thing because no matter how crazy, unhinged or stupid they say he is, he's getting things done. So someone is clearly lying.

  • Rico Ituarte

    Wayne Dyer used to tell this tale:
    “What comes out if you squeeze an orange? People answered orange juice; He asked then; not apple juice, or grapefruit juice? People answered no, only orange juice. Then he pointed out, you are correct it comes out orange juice, because that is what is inside.”
    So when I see a person saying words like: treason, sad, shameful, fake news or disgrace. I know that what they have inside of them is precisely the words they speaking out.

  • Putin's Puppet President

    Speaking of finding a new job –
    Might I suggest Lewandowski pull his tongue out of Trump's backside and come up for a little air already.

  • TBird

    Talk abt a "snowlfake" lmao. Lewandowski is nothing but a big cry baby along with all these othr Trumpsters. They wnt to tlk abt "snowflakes", who r the biggest cry babies whn smone says anythng negative abt their boy, Chump? Grow up people. Not everyone is going like every pres, but it doesn't give u or anyone else the right to attack ppl for having an opinion diff then ur's or for not "supporting" a pres who has really lost their mind. One who became pres by cheating and lying to the American public. Bought and pd for, thanks to Putin.

  • Eva Daly

    First The Birth Korean meeting was a photo op not for the U. S. Second praising the Russian leader as Strong and he believes him "puttin" that's treason.

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