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From Stockgirl: The long chain of celebrity endorsers for Blockchain technology companies continues to grow. The newest endorsement is by Leo Messi of FC Barcelona fame, considered by many to be the world’s best football player. Messi has signed an endorsement deal to represent SIRIN LABS, a company creating Blockchain based hardware for the crypto community.

The company has released the SOLARIN, the super secure mobile phone and is now prepped to release an all-in-one PC, called FINNEY, for Blockchain enthusiasts that will make Blockchain integration much more user-friendly. Messi’s endorsement is meant to open up a wider audience for those who haven’t ever heard of Blockchain technology. In a promotional paid Facebook post, Messi said:

“I am usually busy trying to decentralize defenses and after digging deeper into Blockchain and decentralized systems, I’m excited to join SIRIN LABS as an ambassador to make Blockchain more friendly with their upcoming operating system for smartphones!”

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